We build bridges between pupils, students and companies. All over Germany.

Support us in our attempt to build these bridges all over Europe in the future!

OUR VISION - Sustainable effects for pupils, students, companies and society as a whole We envision and work towards a society in which educational opportunities are irrespective of the social milieu and where social mobility is every young person’s reality. A society in which social connections exist beyond and between established milieus, and where everybody is able to unfold their individual potential. A society in which young people are able to literally ROCK their lives.

THE BACKGROUND - Why ROCK YOUR LIFE! matters in Germany In Germany, the link between a young person’s perspective and socio-demographic background is remarkably strong. Especially for youngsters from disadvantaged milieus, this poses an essential problem. The German school system is very selective, allowing little educational mobility. ROCK YOUR LIFE! wants to encourage pupils on their way to professional life and contribute to them finding out about their strengths and talents, so that they start living accordingly.

OUR PROGRAM - Effective one-on-one mentoring Pupils from socially underprivileged conditions are accompanied by college students for two years. The students support and encourage the pupils as one-on-one mentors. Thus, the pupils are being empowered to unfold their individual potential and to achieve job or education related goals in a self-responsible and self-conscious way. Students and pupils also complete a professional qualification program. Three seminars, given by qualified RYL! coaches, take place at each local chapter in the course of the two year mentoring relationship. In these seminars, the pupils explore their own potentials, strengths, and future job perspectives. On either side, perspectives are broadened, and social skills trained. Over 5,000 pupils have been successfully attained by our program, as well as more than 6,000 college students.

THE SCALING-UP - from a nationwide to an international educational movement All over the country, there are college students who want to engage in a purposeful social activity, pupils who need individual support, and companies that strongly need motivated, qualified and (self-)responsible applicants. We bring together these interests and groups in a productive manner. The ROCK YOUR LIFE! network currently comprises more than 50 local chapters throughout Germany, from Hamburg to Munich. In addition, Switzerland has also become part of the network. Swiss college students have founded several local chapters and are applying the proven standards onto the Swiss educational system – with great success. And this is only the beginning of the planned internationalization: Learning experiences are spread throughout the ROCK YOUR LIFE! network and a continuous process of improvement is implemented via various feedback, reporting, and impact measurement structures. We are now starting to take our experience beyond Germany, to share it with others and develop new suitable forms of ROCK YOUR LIFE! within other countries. All of this marks an exciting process and we will be happy to receive your support as well as questions and requests.

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